Do I need an electric panel upgrade?

July 21, 2020

The breaker circled above the circuit connected to it has begun to melt and was caught just in time.

Why Do I Need A Panel Upgrade?

Every 25-40 years it is recommended to have your panel upgrades fr general maintenance and to raise your home value. However, there are other things to look out for that are sure signs that a panel is needed sooner rather than later. 


One of the most obvious signs of electrical issues are: burning smell, lights flickering or dimming, small shocks when turning lights on or off, warmth around electrical panels, scorch marks on outlets, or lights not operating even after replacing the bulb. Many times customers are unaware that their panel has burning wires or have the proper breaker amperage installed until it is too late. 

A less obvious indicator that you are using more power than your home was originally intended for is how many power strips or extension cables are being used. With all the many technological upgrades and innovations made, just within the last 20 years, our power requirements have increased significantly. 

If your breakers require frequent resetting this is an indication that the load on that circuit is too high. This is due to the power provided by your electric panel may not be enough, and the circuit breakers will keep tripping. Homes built before 1960's relied on fuses to melt in cases of power overload, this technology has now been upgraded to circuit breakers. The key difference between a fuse and a circuit breaker is that fuses can only be used once. Not only does replacing a fuse require additional effort comparing with resetting a circuit breaker, but also some fuses can actually be fire hazards


The short anwer is yes! 

In cases where a fire does occur, if your home does have a fuse box home insurance companies may refuse to pay out even if you already have coverage. It is worth having a professional evaluate your panel for free. 

So whether or not you are remodeling your home or just installing a new appliance in your kitchen, don't hesitate to contact us to have your panel evaluated COMPLIMENTARY.